What are kuksas?

Kuksas, or 'guksis' as they are sometimes called, are a type of wooden cup traditionally hand carved and known to have originated from Northern Scandinavia, usually crafted from birch burl, although other species of wood can be used.  

 Kuksas are made following  an ancient tradition and hunters, reindeer herders and other outdoor  people have used them for many years. They are durable and long lasting items and should not retain flavours or stains after use.  Due to their lightweight structure, kuksas are easy to carry with you wherever you go. They not require any special care, just a quick rinse with water after use (do not use any detergents) and you're done!

All designs / wording are burnt in by hand using pyrography, so will not rub off or fade. 

Cowshed Creations specialises in making unique, unusual and personalisd kuksas for adventure lovers to take with them when exploring,and those who prefer the comfort of a nice warm drink at home!

We have a stock of handcarved and sourced kuksas which can be personalised or designed upon request, as well as a continually updated selection on our Etsy store (CowshedCreationsCo).

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the enquiry form on the home page with any specific requests. 


CUSTOMER PHOTOS - Where have our kuksas travelled?


This photo was sent to us by a customer with the message: "I will be travelling with this for many years from now!  Here is a photo from a walk last weekend here in Denmark!"


This was a custom designed kuksa for a wonderful lady in Wales, who asked us to come up with a woodburn illustration incorporating a full moon and trees.   The customer herself is a very talented maker with a passion for all things lunar, so this photograph of her bespoke cup hanging from her easel under an original artwork is just perfect!   If you want to see more of her beautiful art and creations, check out her Instgram page (@lunartidebutterflies), which includes a link to her own Etsy store in the bio. 

If you purchase a Cowshed kuksa, please do e-mail us a picture to add to this page!

This is another photo from the same lady in Wales (@lunartidebutterflies) - what a cosy scene! 

If you purchase a Cowshed kuksa, please do e-mail us a picture to add to this page! We love to see where in the world they travel! 


This customised kuksa was ordered as a fifth wedding anniversary gift from the lady who heads up a business called  'Sew Awesome' (find her on Instagram as @sewawesomeuk) for her very cool husband Ben Forte- a BBQ Mastermind!  

Fifth anniversaries are  represented by  wood, so I this was a great gift idea. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss ideas for a wooden anniversary gift for your own partner, ora customised kuksa 'just because'!

You can see Ben in action on Channel 4, and when he's not gracing our TV screens, his website should give you a host of ideas to be getting on with! 

Have a look at 

or find him on Instagram 

under the handle: @bbqforte.    

You can still pick up a copy of his fanatastic book here:


This picture of a bespoke swallow kuksa was sent in by the customer who took a photo of her enjoying a hot drink during a rare quiet ten minutes! What a picturesque view! 


This customer's daughter thought her kuksa looked pretty hung up on a wooden beam in their country barn - we agree! Thanks for the photo! 


This kuksa was a bespoke order for an amazingly lovely customer from the USA who asked for a silhoutte of her beautiful family to give to her husband from their little son for Father’s Day. He took the kuksa with them to the Bahamas to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and was kind enough to send us this beach photo! (VERY JEALOUS!)


From Louisiana to an island anniversary holiday - look at that clear sand and the ocean! 


This kuksa was another personalised order and headed off to its new home in Hong Kong. 

A wilderness,wolves and camping themed custom kuksa made for the customer's beloved  bushcrafting hu

A wilderness, wolves and camping themed kuksa ordered by a wonderful lady to give to her beloved husband who's a keen camper and bushcrafter from the UK.   This absolutely fantastic photo was sent  to us showing the kuksa's first forest adventure with its new owner!   The bespoke design was a fun one to do as it contains several secret messages and symbols!