Looking for a unique, handcrafted alternative to a standard photo?


Here at Cowshed we can burn a copy of your favourite photo into a log slice or other wooden surface - all by hand which results in a completely bespoke keepsake. 

Fantastic gift alternatives for that special occasion...or simply 'just because'!


We can also create group images if you are able to provide us with enough reference photos of your friends / family members, drawing each into one singular picture and then burning the images in to the wood. 

Order your unique keepsake today!


Simply contact us with your requirements on size and we can provide you with a quote.   All we need from you are some clear, digital photographs which we will use as reference to draw out on to the wood, before burning in by hand. 


If you are unsure what photos would lend themselves well to being turned in to pyrography portrait pictures, we are happy to help you choose suitable pictures from your personal photo collections. 


Ultrasound / sonogram scan images can be burnt - perfect as a baby shower gift for expectant parents, or as a special gift to your partner prior to the arrival of your child. 

Famous faces

Ed Sheeran wood picture

Another product we offer is  bespoke woodburnings of famous personalities.  This Ed Sheeran portrait was burnt as part of a collabertion with 'Talk Steel' on one of his guitars. 

Pop-art style portraits


Alternative style

If you’re looking for a modern look, away from traditional portraiture, we offer pop-art style woodburnings as well. 

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